WOD: 10-14-13

Skill:  25 mins to practice:

Muscle Ups:

2 rounds:

4 x 20 second Hang Hold 4 x 6 Hang Hold Pull Ups 4 x 10 transitions on low rings

Handstand Push Ups:

2 rounds of:

4 x 1:00 Handstand Hold 4 x 15 Push Ups 4 x 40 Wall Runs

Double Unders:

25 mins of practice

For the rest of class practice this:

Deadlifts (185/115)

Hang Power Clean (185/115)

Push Jerk (185/115)

Try to get at least 30 reps of each.


Notice any changes?…

This whole week we will be practicing skills and exposing ourselves to some of the more difficult movements or heavier loads but at a much slower pace.  A funny thing occurs once the clock has counted down and the time has started.  Today is the first opportunity to focus on what you are doing versus how fast you are doing it.  Please take your new found strength for a trip and enjoy how good it feels when you lift and move correctly.  As far as the paleo challenge goes, it is Monday again, so put those scores up!!!  Enjoy Monday as much as I’m enjoying this fire drill…

At a wedding,



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